Comprehensive Case Submission

Case Types

Cases submitted should be interdisciplinary, comprehensive cases including two or more of the following issues.

  • AAP stage III & IV periodontal cases
  • Several areas with 5-7 mm probing depths
  • Tooth mobilities
  • Bone loss in furcation areas
  • Mucogingival and other soft tissue problems
  • Orthodontic/orthognathic considerations
  • Edentulous areas
  • Missing teeth
  • Caries and failing restorations
  • Implants (Fully edentulous cases should offer opportunity for controversy and in-depth discussion.)

Example Case:

Baby Tooth Dilemma

The Process

  1. Submit written documents and any supporting materials
  2. Our team will review:
    1. If approved, we’ll contact you for any missing information or content.
    2. We’ll send a release form we need you to complete authorizing our use of the materials.
    3. The check will be issued.
    4. If your submission is not accepted, we’ll explain why and will determine your submission can be used for something else that could still result in payment.


$2000 will be issued for accepted submissions upon receipt of W-9.

What’s the Deadline?

Our call of submissions is open year-round.

Step One—Initial Case Assessment

Submit the following files for initial review of the case. Only a limited number of cases will be approved for publishing in the Journal. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your case to be reviewed. If your case is selected, you will be contacted by our clinical editor, Dr Jonathan Esquivel. Additional information regarding the case will be required before final review and publishing.

  • Initial and definitive FMX.
  • Four representative pre-treatment images.
  • Initial and definitive perio charting.
  • Four representative definitive images.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.