Call for Submissions

A Little Work Can Lead to Big Rewards

Our authors continue to inspire us and are an integral part of the Seattle Study Club family. We’re always looking for contributions to our Seattle Study Club Journal, and we’d love to share your expertise with club members around the world. Plus, we’ll reward you for your efforts! Learn more below about the types of content we’re looking for and how to submit a case or an article for review.


What We’re Looking For

Comprehensive Case

Cases submitted should be interdisciplinary, comprehensive cases addressing two or more issues—our goal is to encourage readers to approach treatment planning more comprehensively. We are looking for unique experiences and patient stories that inspire and educate. See an example comprehensive case.


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Localized Area Special Case Report

Similar in format to comprehensive cases, local area special case reports focus on single-tooth dilemmas. In our experience, cases that incorporate a patient story prove to be the most engaging. See an example special case report.


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We invite new and previously published authors to submit articles—if you are excited about something, there is a good chance others are too. Share your experience and insights about practice management, health/medicine, how-to stories, financial or economic issues, unique club stories, or other industry issues. See an example article.


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Feel you can better convey your message in a video? We would love to see what you can do on camera. Share something unique you do in practice as a tip or inspiration. Create a 60-second video of anything you feel could bring value and intrigue to the reader. See an example of an Expert Tip here. See an example of a Practice Inspiration here.


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The Process

      1. Use the links above to submit the required materials. You’ll submit only initial documents for cases, so more  work will need to be completed if your case is accepted.
      2. Please allow 4-6 weeks for our editorial and clinical teams to review.
      3. If our editor considers the work to be appropriate, we will send an offer of publication, requesting any missing information or content.
      4. We’ll send a release form we need you to complete authorizing our use of the materials.
      5. If your submission is not accepted, we’ll explain why and will determine if your submission can be used for something else that could still result in an offer to collaborate with you.

What Do I Submit?

Follow the links above for more information and submission guidelines.

What’s the Deadline?

Great news! There is no deadline—we accept submissions year-round.