2019 Seattle Study Club Award Recipients

Dr John Ferrin, Dr Michael Cohen, Symposium emcee Kevin Joyce, and Dr Andrew Dreyer.

Rookies of the Year

Andrew Dreyer, Kern Dental Academy
John Ferrin, Rogue Excellence Study Club

Dr Suresh Goel and Dr Cheryl Brunelle.

Excellence in Study Club Management

Suresh Goel, Seattle Study Club of Rochester
Nick Shumaker, Mountain West Dental Forum

Dr Nick Shumaker with Dr Michael Cohen and Symposium emcee Kevin Joyce.

Charlie English Award

Clyde Umaki, Hawaii Dental Forum

Saul Schluger Memorial Award

Tiziano Testori, MD, DDS, FICD

Ms Lonni Thompson, Dr Andrew Skasko, and Dr Jason Stoner participated in the Team Treatment Planning Championships at the 2020 Seattle Study Club Symposium.

Vince Kokich, Sr, Study Club of the Year Award

Jason Stoner, Sfumato
Rob Naples, Lone Star Dental Seminars

Last year’s recipient, Dr Greg Boice, presented the Study Club of the Year Award to Dr Rob Naples.

Dr Gerry Chiche lectured at the 2020 Seattle Study Club Symposium.

The Seattle Study Club Icon Award

Gerry Chiche, DDS

Dr Gerry Chiche received the inaugural Icon Award.