Viewpoint: PromiseVision 3D from Seiler

With up to 28x magnification, a real-time 3D display, magnified video imaging, and countless other state-of-the-art features, the versatile PromiseVision 3D revolutionizes the way surgical microscopes are used in dentistry, while also improving ergonomics for the practitioner. 

Improved Visibility

To view fine details in 3D, the microscope has 6 steps of magnification ranging from 4.5x to 28x, unprecedented depth of field (up to 51 mm), a wide field of view, and LED illumination. 

Improved Diagnostics 

To assist in documenting cases and sharing results with patients, PromiseVision 3D captures still images or records video at 60 frames per second with no latency. Because video or 3D images can be displayed immediately, while the patient is still in the chair, patients are better educated and more accepting of treatment.


Dentists need equipment that promotes optimal working posture. With the lightweight PromiseVision 3D, the dentist remains in an upright working position with freedom of movement while viewing a heads-up 3D display. Several early adopters credit it with significantly improving their own chairside experience.

“I have better magnification and lighting than ever before, and I no longer question whether or not I’ve accessed all the canals.”

Dr Jim Craig

“With the screen independent of the lens, I can sit in any position I want and maintain proper posture.”

Dr Brian Baliwas

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