Congratulations to the 2022 Seattle Study Club Award Winners

Each year we recognize some of the incredible doctors in our network for their outstanding work and commitment to elevating dentistry in their community. These acknowledgments are awarded annually at Symposium. Scroll to see the recipients honored at Symposium 2023 in Orlando.

Study Club of the Year Award

Although it is the director who accepts the Study Club of the Year award, it is only done so in representing the entire study club. For it is the membership that is the lifeblood of the study club and the foundation of the Seattle Study Club network. Some of the criteria considered was the level of commitment, energy and enthusiasm generated within the club, director leadership, innovative programming, and contributions made by the club toward the betterment of our network.

Drs Paresh Shah and Tim Dumore
Winnipeg Progressive Dental Study Club

Charlie English Award

The Charlie English Award is given to individuals in our network who deserve recognition for their contributions to the professional and educational lives of those around them.

Todd Williams

Saul Schluger Award

Saul Schluger has been called the “Father of Periodontics.” He started the first graduate program in periodontics at Columbia University and ultimately mentored some of the greats in periodontics both at Columbia and the University of Washington. He inspired and encouraged decades of students to grow professionally to their maximum potential and not to settle for less. These individuals have become deans of dental schools, chairmen of graduate and undergraduate programs, and some of the most capable educators in the world. He was the inspiration for the Seattle Study Club and will remain in our hearts forever.

Dr Tal Morr

Seattle Study Club Exceptional Leadership Awards

Exceptional leadership is the ability to cultivate the respect and implicit trust of others to embolden them to follow in the footsteps of their director. Some of the attributes considered was their dedication to innovation and creativity, showing great sensitivity to member needs, and displaying effective communication with all club members.

Dr Matt Cantner
River Valley Study Club

Dr Jason Wagle
CREATE Dentistry Study Club

Dr Tim Welch
Exploring Excellence Study Club

Dr James Woodyard
Select Study Club

Seattle Study Club Future Icons Awards

We also acknowledged new study club directors who are very likely to become “all-star” club leaders in the near future. These directors understand the importance of fostering a collaborative environment where members thrive and have taken steps to provide new and exciting education for their members.

Dr Nada Albatish
Study Club in the Six

Dr Arjunn Sachdev
The Alliance Study Club

Dr Sunny Virdi
The Alliance Study Club

30 Year Awards

The following doctors have been an engaged and vital part of our network for over 30 years. Through the years, they have mentored countless doctors and have made a tremendous impact on the dental community in their area.

Dr Peter Cornick
Somerset Study Club

Dr Anthony Di Cesare
Jersey Coast Dental Forum

A. Sidney Lyons
Quakertown Dental Study Club

Dr Mark Wilson
City of Lakes Study Club

The 30th Annual Symposium also recognized directors who have been with us for 15 or more years!

Cherie Brown
Jeff Brown
Matt Cantner
Peter Cornick
Roberto Deloso
Anthony Di Cesare
Shawn Engebretsen
Marty Espe
Brian Feeney
Frank Feuille
Scott Frank
Wael Garine
Raymond Haigney

Tony Kardelis
William Lippisch
A. Sidney Lyons
Larry Martin
Robert Naples
Richard Oakley
Duncan Puffer
Gene Ranieri
Eric Rindler
Cheryl Robins
Joel Rosenlicht
Fred Sakamoto

Priveer Sharma
Mark Silvers
Todd Smith
Jason Stoner
Michael Stronczek
Peter Then
Eman Traynor
Jason Wagle
John Wallace
Timothy Welch
Mark Wilson
James Woodyard