Case Studies: Three Premier Dentists Who Scaled Their Practices Using Kleer Dental Membership Plans

Dave Monahan, CEO of Kleer

The best dentists are not simply great clinicians who care deeply about the oral health of their patients, but forward-thinkers who are always looking for innovative ways to improve their business model. One impactful way they can do so is by implementing a dental membership plan. A dental membership plan provides a simple and affordable coverage option to uninsured patients that leads to increased patient visits, treatment acceptance and production, and a profitable, recurring revenue stream. Since a membership plan eliminates the hassles and costs of dental insurance, it can also help a dental practice cut ties with unprofitable PPO plans by creating a coverage option that works better for both their patients and their practice. The following case studies are just three stories of prominent dentists who seized the opportunity to improve their practice by implementing a Kleer dental membership plan—and quickly saw results!

Dr Toussaint Crawford sought a platform that reflected the advanced technology for which his practice is known

Dr Toussaint Crawford—a practitioner for more than 10 years and prominent member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the International Congress of Oral Implantology, the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, and the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies—looked to Kleer to improve his homegrown, paper-based membership plan that was a far cry from the advanced technology he used in other areas of his practice, Fenton Family Dental. 

Dr Crawford partnered with Kleer to reduce administrative time and cost, provide a better patient experience, and increase patient sign-ups. The Kleer platform allowed him to customize his plan based on his patient demographics, treatment preferences, and fee schedule; track member activity and payments; automate renewals; and review plan performance on the reporting dashboard. Patients could easily sign up for a plan in a matter of minutes, and if they had any questions, they could contact Kleer’s dedicated, full-time support team for help.

After only 19 months using the Kleer platform, Fenton Family Dental enrolled 398 patients onto their membership plan, earning $233,511 in recurring annual revenue. 

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Dr Michael Jones needed to ensure his cosmetic practice would continue to thrive post-retirement

Dr Michael Jones, DDS—a practitioner for more than 30 years, a member of the American Academy of Clear Aligners (AACA), and a scholar and ambassador of The Dawson Academy—was planning for his retirement. He knew once he hired an associate to take over his practice, Michael Jones Dental Corporation, they would receive a lower reimbursement rate from his in-network PPO. This compelled him to want to drop the PPO long-term. He also recognized the need to provide an affordable coverage option for any existing uninsured patients who may have lost dental insurance due to job losses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Originally considering building his own in-house plan, he quickly acknowledged that managing details like month-to-month payments, annual renewals, and compliance was not something he wanted his team to add to their plate. Not only did Kleer’s technology address these items, but his front office team used Kleer-provided resources—talk tracks for his front desk team and hygienists, an announcement for his Google Business page, an email blast to all patients, and patient brochures for their reception area—to grow their plan. 

Within six months of partnering with Kleer, Michael Jones Dental Corporation enrolled 58 patients onto their membership plan and earned $33,600 in recurring annual revenue. More importantly, Dr Jones is one step closer to freedom from his unprofitable PPO. 

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Dr Kenneth Cohrn wanted a partner he could count on to help his practice go full fee-for-service

Dr Kenneth Cohrn, DDS, MAGD, DABFO—a practitioner for more than 30 years, an internationally-known speaker and active contributor in the field of forensic sciences, and a visiting professor and consultant at the University of Florida—recognized his current membership plan partner was not providing the technology or support his practice, Heritage Dental, deserved. His goal was to transition to a complete fee-for-service practice, and he needed the right partner to help him get there.

Kleer helped Dr Cohrn design, price, and build his membership plan and trained his team on how to use the Kleer platform. They were given an array of training materials that explained how to best utilize the platform and how to speak to patients about their membership plan. If they had any questions, they could easily contact Kleer’s dedicated support specialists through email, chat, or phone. Dr Cohrn’s team also used Kleer’s free in-office and digital marketing tools to promote their membership plan to new and existing patients. 

Within five months of working with Kleer, Heritage Dental enrolled 170 patients onto their membership plan, a 60 percent increase from the previous full year of results they achieved with their previous vendor. With a successful membership plan in place, Dr Cohrn was able to transition his practice to complete fee-for-service. 

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Dave Monahan is CEO of Kleer, whose advanced, cloud-based platform allows dentists to reclaim control of the dental marketplace from insurance companies by offering membership plans directly to patients and employers. With Kleer, dentists can grow their practices, expand access, and provide patients the highest level of care. Patients and employers get better, more affordable care without all the hassles and costs of traditional dental insurance. Visit or email for more information.