Growing Co-Referral Relationships with Medical Professionals

Health professionals referring to your dental practice might be the biggest untapped resource for attracting health-valuing (and health-spending) new patients dentistry has ever known!

Can you imagine having your wellness-focused doctors on a text thread when you need to collaborate about complicated patients? Or getting a continual flow of new patient referrals from your own medical community? Or bridging the learning gap between professions to promote optimal health of your collective patients? If you just said Yes! three times, you won’t want to miss this course.

Dr Susan Maples has accomplished this successfully in her community and believes it’s possible for every one of us—but not without gratifying effort. In this seminar, you’ll hear her shortcuts to success while you catch a vision about your future in total health dentistry.

You will learn:

  • How easy screening tools can help your team members uncover signs of disease and communicate them to medical professionals.
  • About the role of the health relationship coordinator—a liaison between your patient and their medical team.
  • The best way to educate medical professionals about systemic health concerns while serving as a personal patient advocate.
  • How to host collaborative educational forums to increase awareness in your community.
  • To customize co-referral forms for each of your collaborative partners.
  • How to establish a wellness and prevention study club of like-minded medical professionals in your community.