Volunteer Spotlight: Dental Lifeline Network

Seattle Study Club Members Drs Michael Podlusky and Margaret Young teamed up recently to discuss and help an underserved patient get comprehensive care through Dental Lifeline Network’s Donated Dental Services (DDS) program.

The patient, Treasa, was a 58-year-old living in Florida. She has four children and six grandchildren who she loves to spend time with whenever they come to visit. While she is generally in good health, she has issues with high blood pressure, a history of blood clots mental health challenges, and is on social security disability for her cardiovascular disease. She works part time in a toll booth to make ends meet.

On top of her medical issues, Treasa was missing seven teeth and had a poorly healed root canal that was causing pain. Due to her limited income, she could not afford the dental care to relieve her pain. Fortunately, she was referred to the Donated Dental Services(DDS) program and Dr Podlusky and Dr Young volunteered to help.

“I know Dr Young and have worked with her for many years—she is great!” said Dr Podlusky. “She was kind enough to do a re-treatment of a defective endodontic fill case that Treasa was having pain with. Knight Dental Lab was kind enough to offer no charge provisional crowns and final crown restorations!”

Once the root canal was complete, Dr Podlusky began a post buildup, scheduled the crowns to match each other, and improved color and alignment. He sent in pre-op models, had Knight Dental Lab make custom temporary crowns for better tissue healing, and made impressions for two Emax crowns.

Dr Podlusky, Treasa, and Naomi, CDA.

“The case went smoothly. Treasa was very pleased with her results. Very appreciative and friendly. She plans to continue her cleaning visits with us. Thanks to Dr Young for the endodontistry and Knight Lab for the donation of her final crowns. Perhaps we will work together again!”

With DLN and the DDS program, volunteering is easy: DLN handles the details of paperwork, screening, lab work, and specialty care, all so that volunteers can focus on their treatment plans to help patients like Treasa. To learn more about volunteering, visit WillYouSeeOne.org.