Secure Your Life…Secure Your Practice

Webinar Series

KaVo Kerr and Black Talon Security produced a 7-part webinar series to help your practice prepare for and address a variety of security threats. We’ll post a new webinar weekly, so you have the option of watching them individually or waiting to binge the full series.   

Part 1

Turn Your Team into “Human Firewalls” — Learn how to train and educate your staff on preventative measures they can take NOW to avoid being the victim of a cyberattack.

Part 2

Securing Your Social Media — Learn how to secure your social media and email to prevent hackers from accessing and stealing your information.

Part 3

Tools of the Trade — Learn how to utilize everyday tools to keep your identity anonymous and safe from hackers.

Part 4

Remote Access and 3rd Party Risk — Learn how your vendors could be putting you at risk for a data breach.

Part 5

Printers, IoT Devices and Security Cameras: Are They Really Secure? — Learn how threat actors can breach these devices in order to victimize your practice.

Part 6

New Trends in Ransomware Attacks are Decimating the Healthcare Industry — Learn how hackers are destroying your backups, encrypting and stealing your data and what you can do to prevent this.

Part 7

Hacking Event — Tune in to see an actual hacking event performed by one of Black Talon Security’s ethical hackers.

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